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Vote Republican November 4th

Concealed Classes offered, regardless of political views! Your invited (Forsyth ) pic

Democrats have guns too (NC)

NobelPrize Oboma (anywhere)

Tillis vs Hagan

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

Vote Kay Hagen Out of Office

Obama is not protecting Americans

America Needs Your Help

Vote the Socialists Out this November

Vote Republican November 4th

Vote for Tom Tillis

Kay Hagan Stole Our Money

Vote Kay Hagan Out of Office

Ltc.Allen West speaks at National Security Action Summit II (Uphold and Defend) pic

Swiss Member of Parliament Has Had Enough (Defense Against Jihadist Infiltration)

Michael Savage on the 2nd Amendment

Criticizing Michael Savage During This????: Liberal activist (caught on video stuffing....)

American Indian Activist Russell Means Powerful Speech, 1989

More than 50 Mayors HAVE WITHDRAWN from Bloomberg's attack against our (2nd Amendment)

How Old Are You, Mr. USMC?; You Posted RE: "Gun Worshipper"?? - Now (That's Seriously Pusing It)

"Lieutenant Colonel Allen West: TRUE RACISM LIES AMONG WHITE LIBERALS" (The "tares" amongst the "wheat") map

****Well, if people insist on debating "left against right".. then how (about some basic definitions?????)

Radical Islamic Recruitment Inside US Prisons

Islamic Rape Wave in Norway

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican map

Why is Bolivia the Fastest Growing Economy in the Americas? pic map

Why is Bolivia the Fastest Growing Economy in the Americas? pic map

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican map

How right-wing paranoia is driving new wave of radicals map

We're Number One!!! pic map

Hi, I'm a Tea-Partier pic map

Conservative Accomplishments pic map

Why I am a Christian Democrat (United States) map

Nationwide GOP Voter Registration Fraud Scandal Widens, Becomes (Criminal Matter in Florida)

Female 3 year old poodle mix map

Obama is GREAT!

The ECONOMY - strongest six months in more than a decade (Fact)

NRA has changed to incrase gun sales. pic map

New political party: Open Party (Ballot access for ALL citizens!) (NC/USA) pic

undercover video of illigal Democrat voting in NC

Simple truth - Dem vs. Rep. vs Indep (Hickory) map

N.C. Republican vs. Democrat (Hickory) map

Why Conservatives Opt for Propaganda Over Reality

The Quiet Competence of Barack Obama (In the Numbers)

The U.S. Is Number One -- But in What?

Conservatives Versus Liberals pic map

Let us not be afraid pic map

Conservative Accomplishments pic map

Study Confirms That Fox Is Dominant Source of 'News' on the Right pic map

Study Confirms That Fox Is Dominant Source of 'News' on the Right pic map

After the election 3 things will happen. pic map

Marx & religion (Karl Marx's hateful opposition to freedom of religion

Government Scientist Fired for Telling the Truth-UN Agenda 21 (Be sure to warp and twist this one)

Liberals are so much in favor of love, peace, and equity..They accuse ("Violent Conservatives of Killing..)

Certain women abusing the justice system; perjury; lying to officials; (..lying under oath)

Jobless rates edge up after tax and spending cuts map

Americans for Prosperity's trail of voter misinformation goes far (beyond NC)

Bad Education: How School Cuts Are Killing Thom Tillis

Conservative group launches ad campaign urging young progressives to (vote Haugh)

Hispanics and Democrats (Morganton) map

Hispanics and Democrats (Morganton) map

Libertarian Party Meeting (Newton) map

RE to RE (Border) (Newton)

RE: Border (Hickory) map

Vote Democratic (Conover) map

Kay Hagan should vote 97% of time (Newton) map

Mortgage foreclosures (Hickory) map

Border (Hickory) map

Slavery predates both parties pic map

KAY HAGAN ? (Rambo) (Tea Party, Fl.) pic

RE: The ORIGINAL 'party' of SLAVERY ... (USSA) map

The ORIGINAL 'party' of SLAVERY ... (USSA) map

*A Message To Citizens Of North Carolina* (Charlotte) pic

In Defense of Obama

Hitler was a right-wing Conservative (Truth) map

Analysis: Over Half of All Statements Made on Fox News Are False map

When Facism Comes... pic map

Conservative Logic #4 pic map


Conservative Texas Terrorist Planned Murder And Robbery Spree pic map

Non Profit Help: Higher Education map

Obama's Coming for your guns!!!! pic map

Conservative Group Involved in Voter Fraud pic map

Kochs are trying to buy the Senate pic map

The Agenda 21 Disinformation Campaign in the United States map

RE: The Police State map

Calev Myers on Understanding UN Bias Against Israel, The Jerusalem (Institute of Justice)

"Gun Worshipper"?? - Now That's Seriously Pushing It (So Much Overt Propaganda)

YARD SALE - DANBY Neighborhood Pineville (12107 Sawtry Court) map

Michael Savage Says Founding Fathers Were Nothing But "Slave-Holding D map

Racist Hate-Monger Michael Savage: Ebola is 'Part of the New Obamacare map

For Those Who Think Michael Savage Is Principled map

What's happening in the gun debate pic map

The Police State (T'ville)

Capitalism Versus Socialism pic map

Arn't You Supposed To Carry Your Crosses (Grand Old Party Still Going on ) pic

This Really Appears to be Proof that Weird Things Are Happening and (Let's Help Our Community..)

puppies needing loving homes. (charlotte)

World War 3 (United States) pic

The Truth About Money & Not Propaganda pic

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